Sunday, December 22, 2013

Getting Ready

My dream is about to become a reality!   I have known now for 6 months that I would be moving to Haiti in January as a long term missionary, something God put on my heart after my first trip there in November of 2010. 
I started with my to-do lists last summer, and the many pages have gradually been dwindling.  Preparing to retire after 34 years at 3M and all the decisions that go along with that, making arrangements to leave my apartment and store my stuff, selling my car, turning over my parents financial affairs to my sister, just the thousand and one details that have to be dealt with when totally changing your life! 
There has been much excitement, but also times when I have felt totally overwhelmed with it all.  But God has been so very faithful.  My devotion from "Jesus Calling" over the weekend was right on:
"My plan for your life is unfolding before you.   Sometimes the road you are traveling seems blocked, or it opens up so painfully slowly that you must hold yourself back.   Then when the time is right, the way before you suddenly clears - through no effort of your own.   What you have longed for and worked for I present to you freely, as pure gift."
He has cleared the way for me through it all, and guided the many decisions that have needed to be made.   I can feel His presence, and know that I am being called to serve Him.   I am trusting in Him to calm any anxiety, to be always by my side as I transition into a different culture and lifestyle and lave family and dear friends behind.   I pray that He will guide me always in serving as His hands and feet in Haiti.

I so appreciate all the prayers that have been lifted for me as I have been preparing for this journey, and ask for your continued prayers in the weeks to come.